Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hostels in Puerto Rico!

So what's it like to stay at a hostel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico? Here are some pictures to help you visualize the surroundings.

A view of the hostel from Plaza Colon
Every floor has a balcony, this is the view of Calle 'San Francisco' from the right side.
The view on your left where 'Castillo de Colon' sits. If you smoke, you'll spend a lot of time here hehe Smoking is prohibited inside the building but balcony is fine. 

In most rooms, depending on what you choose, you'll be sharing bunked beds. Every room has a nice fan to fight the humid heat and Puerto Rico's number one beer, Medalla!
Expect to find tons of catholic saints throughout the building. Don't worry, no need to take your hat off or anything.
Every floor has a small kitchen with stove, microwave and fridge. The 6ht and 4th floor also have bending machines. If come shitfaced at 5 am after having a blast in San Sebastian, the Ramen Noodles are only $.60.

Night Vision! 

As you probably expect, being one of the oldest cities in Latin America, it's made up of Spanish colonial architecture. If you're interested in learning more about Old San Juan, check out http://www.topuertorico.org/city/sanjuan.shtml.

Now that you're familiar with the setting, we'll get into some of the stories that took place here. Please subscribe to win prizes and don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions or comments!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Staying in Puerto Rico!

Dear Readers!

After a few struggles with video codecs, here's the footage I promised you! These are two awesome clips captured in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It's a dance called Bomba Plena. For more info about where it originates, check out: http://www.npr.org/2013/01/10/169078368/latin-roots-bomba-y-plena

Lastly, this weekend I'll be sharing more details about the hostel I talked about a few days back so make sure you drop by!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey readers, followers, visitors!

Writing a blog takes tons of time, especially when creating content from scratch. I originally intended to post a number of clips from Puerto Rico but I was only able to edit two :( And only one is ready :( 

Yes, FAILED. But listen, I have something good on the back burner. Just to share a little bit, during my time in Puerto Rico I stayed at this amazing hostel made up of all kinds of characters. I will break 'Guy Code' just for you. This means, I will go beyond my blogging duty just to give you special access to what happened before, during and after dark. 

Stay tune, I plan to share a different story every week!


Hec Mo B 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Culture, perfect weather and amazingly cordial people, that's Puerto Rico. Here are a few pictures of my trip: 

I also had the pleasure to record the famous dances known as Bomba and Plena. On my next blog, October 14, 2013, I will upload some of the clips so stay tune!